Saturday Band

For us, Saturday morning means Saturday Band at the West Norfolk Music Centre. Adults and children alike are welcome, and join together in a sometimes harmonious ensemble.

Music centre watercolourToday was the first day for my son joining in the brass group, so I had time to sketch while they played for half an hour. I had packed light – just a watercolour sketchbook and a sepia fineliner pen. However, when I came to start I didn’t fancy using the sepia, so I dug around in my handbag and found a ballpoint, which answered my need much better. It wasn’t too bad sketching out the players and conductor, as they kept relatively still while they were actually playing, entirely focused on the music.

I noted down the colours and completed these with watercolours when I got home. I really enjoyed this sketching session, and think that I might try to use these spare moments (complete with captive, oblivious models) more often on a Saturday. It’s not bad, drawing with a live soundtrack!


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