Just a tiny funsize sketch to fill in the time while waiting to collect my son from school. My first car, and so it’s a bit of a watershed moment – even though it’s really only half a car. Fineliner and black Tombow with a waterbrush did the trick.

Funsize Hedgerow


Thinking Ink

Recently I had a few minutes to spare, just enough time to squeeze in a couple of very tiny¬† doodles in ink. Nothing precious,¬† planned or ‘real,’ but such fun to brush and drop the ink into the water puddles and see the magic unfold as a starting point for a picture. The organic look of the ink travelling across the watercolour paper never fails to please me.

Fantasy landscape ink

One of these sketches, jollied up and tittivated with just a little coloured pencil, became the illustration for a birthday card for my dad. Typically, I forgot to take a photograph…

A Quick Glass

Recently I treated myself to a white gel pen, as I’d been seeing how useful it can be for watercolour sketching when there’s intricate highlights to be added. It sat on the shelf for a few days, biding its time. One evening I noticed how beautifully the light played on the cut facets of this wineglass. However, the glass was both too full and too empty for sketching at the time. So the next day I sat down to sketch the (now clean) glass, and obviously I was in the right frame of mind because the picture just tripped off the end of the pen.

wineglass jellyroll

What was most exciting was drawing actively with highlights rather than shadows. I also enjoyed the fact that the pen could give me different degrees of stroke, from a very fine, slightly transparent line, to a nice strong bright white. All round it was a very refreshing experience. I’m looking forward to exploring this further, perhaps combined with chalk or Conte pastel for broad sweeps of white. Hmmm, that’s got me thinking…

Ruff Sketch

Cats are always in my life, it seems, but there’s definitely part of me which would like a dog. Maybe one a bit like this…

I’d been playing about with the scruffiest brush I could find (an old toddler’s poster paint/glue brush) and some Indian ink. My final doodle of the short session was a quick sketch, using up the last of the ink held in the bristles. I really like the way that the fur textures develop from the way that the unevenness of the coarse, springy brush spreads the ink. Right at the end, I touched up the eyes and mouth a little with a fineliner. This was such a fun little sketch to make.

Dog sketch ink.JPG



New Bronze

New paint is a wonderful thing! I’ve just taken possession of a tube of Reeves Bronze acrylic. It’s got me quite excited, and I just had to do a little test piece. My original idea wasn’t possible today as the irises in the garden have been totally battered by the recent awful weather.

So it was time to quickly make a plan B…

Afro bronze ink2

This was very enjoyable; I’m pretty sure I’ll be back with the metallics again before long!

Foiled Again!

Chocolate; it’s one of my favourite things. I thought this (partially eaten) bar in bright silver foil and dark card would be a good subject for an ink drawing with my brushpen. Working in ‘binary’ is very interesting and throws up all sorts of problems with how to depict contours when you don’t have the opportunity to put in mid-tones. It’s a little like making a print.

Because I rather overdid the darks in some areas, I felt the whole picture was in danger of becoming flat, and the foil becoming confused with the chocolate. Tombows to the rescue! I quite like the feeling of restricted colour which has resulted.

Chocolate ink

So, although I’m very late to the Doodlwash Dinner, and didn’t have time to prepare a dish, I did have a rummage around in my handbag and found this… a piece of chocolate, anyone?

To Hand

This is a simple little funsize fineliner sketch, made on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, while waiting while my son played in his brass group. Uninspired by what was around me, I opted for the closest of subjects, that which was literally to hand. Looking back on this sketch, I really like the broken, wiggly line over the knuckle, and the darks under the fingernails and in the palm.

Funsize Hand

I suspect this will be the last of the Saturday sketches (although there are a few other I haven’t posted yet) because I’ve been invited to play in the brass group too, as they’ve just lost their second trumpet. My ‘dead’ time will be filled in future with a lot of puffing and blowing, instead of scribbling. However, my funsize sketchbook will continue to travel with me, because you never know…