Escaping Roses

Walking in King’s Lynn today (on our way to view the Bigger Picture), we came across this scene of roses escaping from a beautiful town garden on King Street, a sweeping vista of Georgian houses. I sketched this partly from memory, with a photo to jog where necessary.

BecauKing Street roses watercolourse there was some rather intimidating perspective involved, I decided to do a quick pencil sketch first, then go in with fineliner once I’d got things more or less sorted out. I’m still not sure I got the perspective quite right, and I think that’s because I tweaked the way it looked to fit my idea of a picture better, rather than sticking truly to the image I had. Never mind. Once I had the lines in ink, it was a case of washing some watercolour over the top to bring it to life. The railings, which were glossy black, were a real challenge, and one for which I’m going to have to find a better solution. However, I really enjoyed creating the stony, cementy colours today.


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