Devilishly quick

Still at the V&A Museum, and by this time I was getting ‘sketched-out,’ showing a rather disappointing lack of stamina. We moved on to the Japanese gallery – I’m always drawn to Japanese art, the delicacy and wit which is often exhibited is an attractive combination. Any one of the netsuke or inro on display would be a treasured item; choosing which one to draw is a real dilemma.

I made one last loose sketch effort; an inro with a devilish face on its bead. The case gave me pause for thought, as it was quite detailed in its patterning but did not seem to represent anything particular. Deciding how (and whether) to represent that was the issue. In the end I opted for ‘suggestive’ rather than literal. Which was just as well, or I’d still be there drawing it!


I confess I dashed this off as fast as I could, in the trusted combo of fineliner and Tombow again. It’s enough to remember the item by, and looking back on it now I feel it has a luminous, shiny lacquered quality I quite like.