Preparing for Gill

Challenge No. 3 with Andy is now on the cards, and this time it will be a portrait of my friend Gill. Since I found doing a preliminary study very useful in the last challenge, I have had a first stab at the picture for this time.

Gill study ink.JPG

I’m not sure this one does Gill any favours, but it has shown me some areas that I will need to work harder at when it comes to producing the painting in acrylic on Monday (eek!).

The aim will be to produce a ‘realistic’ portrait, and that means getting to grips with flesh tones. A few minutes spent this afternoon practicing mixing the acrylics reminded me how difficult flesh, especially in shadow, can be to paint.

Flesh tones acrylic.JPG

It’s plain from this photo that the camera has struggled in the artificial light, making everything even yellower than it was, but nevertheless, I have a feeling that this mixing chart is going to be very useful in the heat of the moment on Monday.