Fishing for People

My son and his friend went fishing today, and since I had to accompany them, I used the time to try some little sketches of the gents who were having more success than us at the fishing lakes. As I’ve mentioned before, I find sketching people tough, partly because I just haven’t done enough of it. So this was all good practice of trying to capture people in real time.

Fishing people watercolourThis was the first page in a new little A5 watercolour book, which can be intimidating, so I did my best not to think about that. Most of these drawings (all bar the bottom right) were direct into pen, then coloured with a little watercolour paint. The top left pic was the first, and it’s the one I like least – maybe it takes a moment to ‘get my eye in’ and start observing properly. The others I quite like though, for their speedy, sketchy quality.

As you can probably tell, I particularly enjoyed sketching the chap in the baseball cap, who was directly across the pond from where we were sat. He kept moving about, talking to his grandsons, getting bait, and reeling in the fish. There he is, in the middle, showing off one of his (relatively) monster fish, whereas my boys managed one tiny tiddler between them.