Bees in my bonnet

Just playing around with monotype printing again, experimenting with lovely bumbles. Not much more to say, really, other than that I’ll have to give this another go to get the result I was after. I do quite like the wings and legs on the large one though.

Exercise Bee

Just a scant few minutes for painting today, so I thought I’d try out something I’d seen on Kate Osborne’s lovely blog. This is shameless imitation, for the sake of knowledge…but I like what I’ve learned! Kate’s video really was inspiring, I’d encourage anyone interested in watercolours to take a look at her site.


No underdrawing necessary here – it was straight on with the paint. New to me today was using a fan brush to pull the puddled paint outwards, which gives a really pleasing furry effect when you get it right. Today it worked best on the right hand bee, although I was too heavy-handed using it on the left hand bee, and forgot to use it at all on the centre chap.

I was also trying out some new QoR paints (a delicious present) and since I have fewer colours than in my normal palette (W&N) I was encouraged to do my colour mixing with pretty much just 4 colours – Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna and Indian Yellow plus a tiny amount of Pyrrole Red. Sloppy splashing on the paper made a bit of spattering a necessity, but what joy!