Handy Pencil

It seemed like time for a change from watercolour and flowers. But what do you draw when you don’t know what to draw? For me it’s sometimes what’s right in front of me, no questions asked – in this case, my right hand. I furnished it with a pencil for a prop, even though it wouldn’t know what to do with one. It’s good to accessorise, right?

Hand coloured pencilSo here it is, a quick and strangely colourful pencil drawing in my black sketchbook. I really enjoyed taking a rough-and-ready approach to this, just getting stuck in with the colours and not worrying too much about the outcome. In short, having fun. And that’s what it’s all about.

Cushioned Comfort

It’s finally warm enough in the UK today to go without socks. Hurray! Foot coloured pencilFeet aren’t really my favourite body part to look at, but they work hard for me; I’ve never drawn them before, so today was the day for my right foot to have a sketch of its own.

I wish that I’d been able to get the texture smoother, and more like skin, but I had limited time, and the cartridge paper in this black sketchbook is fairly coarse, which doesn’t help.

On a positive, it was very nice to put my feet up while I sketched!

Blossom Time

Spring has well and truly arrived in my garden. The apple blossom is bountiful, and beautiful, so I made this quick coloured pencil sketch.

Apple blossom coloured pencilI used my Karisma pencils on the black cartridge pad. I’m getting increasingly used to using the black background, and finding that it changes the way I look at a prospective subject. There are some images which you just want to ‘jump’ off the paper, and I think this paper does help to achieve that. It also helps with providing ready-made shadows, as in the petals here. I think I could have chosen to blend the pencil lines much more, but I enjoyed the way the rough texture of the paper was visible through the pigment.

The Last Piece

Recently, we had some friends to visit, and I made two strawberry tarts for dessert. Well, I say ‘made’, but it would be more accurate to describe the activity as ‘assembling’, given that I bought ready-made cases and used quick-jell to stick everything together. The strawberries were real…

Strawberry Tart pencil 2Anyway, the tarts got eaten, save for the last piece. And here it is, immortalised a couple of days after – still in its aluminium tray. What a give-away!

I chose the black sketchbook again (I’m determined to fill it), and used my ancient box of Karisma coloured pencils. The old blog post on this link sums up what’s good about Karisma and I feel very lucky to have them in my arsenal.

I’d forgotten just how blendable they are, and this meant that I ran into trouble down the right hand side of the tart, where the blue I was using for shading got a bit out of control when combined with the white. But by the same token I was able to get the depth of colour into the quick-jell between the strawberries.  My favourite area is the knife, especially where the handle meets the blade.

(P.S. My son ate the last slice for supper.)