Cats or Bats?


These two cat sketches of Peat the Pie were made very quickly. Peat was fast asleep having his scheduled siesta, which gave me the perfect chance for a good look. The only downside is that this is definitely his preferred sleeping position, so over time I seem to have made plenty of sketches of him making this shape.

The first sketch isΒ  in ballpoint. I’d wanted to try using an abstract colour background for a sketch, and this seemed a good time – I just quickly laid down some colour from dried leftover watercolours from another project, waited for it to dry (mostly – patience not my strong point) then scribbled away quickly.


The second, made a few days later, was done using a dip pen, trying to get a feel for how I could use it for sketching.Β  Peat looks more bat-like in this one (although still sporting his signature pose) which reminds me that when he was a kitten his nickname was Batfink. The dip pen was interesting to use, but more exploration is definitely needed, and maybe some variety of nib widths/other tools or media in combination. I don’t like the cross-hatching at all – will perhaps steer clear of that in future. We shall see.




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