Roses are Red…

…But not in this case.bTwo of these blooms were actually a beautiful peach, the other white.

Originally I had considered doing this sketch in watercolour, but chickened out, uncertain of how to depict the deeper shades between the petals.  Instead, I remembered the lilacs and irises I had previously sketched in ink, and so my favourite Parker blue-black calligraphy ink and a small brush came into play, accompanied by a little pot of water for dilution.

I confess I was dreading the tightly curled petals of the lowest flower, but in fact they were not the biggest challenge – the structure of the more blowsy petals was where that lay. Originally, the plan was to put a dark background in (which would also cover up my messy mistakes), but I’ve held off doing so as I’m not sure whether this would add to the sketch. The jury is still out.

Hopefully before the season is over I will get my courage up and get on with a watercolour rose picture. In the meantime, this will do.


4 thoughts on “Roses are Red…

  1. This looks great Rosie, working well tonally. Re the darks for watercolour, don’t use a straight black, it tends to overwhelm everything. Payne’s grey is one option. You can make your own version on the palette by mixing ultramarine blue with burnt umber of burnt sienna which gan give a very dark grey, tending warm or cool depending on the ratio of the colours. An extra tip from Stephanie Bower (architectural illustrator), is that the tinest bit of crimson (blue hue) will make this colour combo go even darker. Other options I use but you don’t often have in your average palette are Perylene green, a super dark blue/grey green; or Daniel Smith’s Bloodstone Genuine, an opaque pure mineral, deep red-brown.

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    • Thanks very much for the colour advice Leonie, much appreciated. I do have a Payne’s grey, but have never tried mixing one myself, so I have that pleasure to come. I will also give the smidgen of crimson a go too. Now all I’ve got to do is find the time to try the painting! 🙂

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