Funny, Runny

Oh, so many issues with this one, but there are also some places where the watercolour did something unexpectedly pleasing, like the interesting backwashes and blooms, and the way the depth of colour changes on the woman’s hair. The colour choices were dictated by the leftover paint I had from the previous portrait I’d done, and it was refreshing to use so much pink, which rarely features in my sketches.

I’m still feeling at the mercy of the paint, letting it have its way while I try to create opportunities for accidents and chance evolutions to happen. It’s a risky business, and success is definitely not guaranteed!

Flamenco watercolour

The weirdest thing is that this has more than a hint of Jots from a Small Apartment’s latest watercolours, yet I did this one before that post. Synchronicity! I love it when that happens.

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