Keep it simple, stupid, was my motto today. I was aiming for suggestion rather than detail, and fluidity. I took a variety of photos from the internet as a starting point, three colours of tube paint and my favourite round brush – what came out wasn’t quite what I’d imagined, but I’ll take it nonetheless as a stepping stone.

Ultimately, I’d like to get something approaching Shelley Morrow’s beautiful watercolour forms, but I fear that’s going to take some time and a lot of practice! Shelley’s blog/website is well worth a look…inspirational stuff for me, at least.

Dancers watercolour


12 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Here here I’m trying on my side of the world to “do” this. Not accomplishing anything that is recognizable. Even dissed out Shelly’s posts. This is hard Rebecca! Of course it is do we ever do easy??? Please…do you lightly sketch form and the wet then drop in colour? Inspiring yet frustrating process. Won’t give up…just saying! Raye

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    • Oh yes, it is hard! I think I went straight in with paint, but might have been well advised to do a bit of pencil work first to take some of the fear away. I seem to remember that in some cases I painted onto dry paper then dropped in more colour, and in others I put in a wet outline and then dropped in the paint. And no, we don’t seem to do easy… it’s in our nature, 😂. I look forward to hearing how you get on…just keep having a go and smiling, that’s my motto. 😁

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