They’re not Doc Martin’s…

…they’re Ted’s.

My son’s new DMs, immortalised in lino while I was introducing Andy, my art buddy, to the joys of lino printing.

Teds DMs lino


There were a couple of challenges with these; firstly, how to deal with the background when you have a fairly solid black object to contrast with. I thought originally that I was going to leave the background white, but when it came to it couldn’t resist putting in some texture. I’m glad I did.

Secondly, the writing on the tabs. I draw directly onto my lino, rather than using the transfer method, so it was a case of reversing the letters, to give a suggestion of writing but without trying to make them look too accurate. Not too bad a result, considering.

I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t quite get the shoe shape right – should have used a mirror before printing to check that everything was looking as it ought. And as you can see, a little piece of scrap lino got caught in the ink and raised the print in one place. I must remember to be tidier with my brushing off before inking.

But never mind, I like this one – live and learn.


9 thoughts on “They’re not Doc Martin’s…

    • Sharon, you’re totally right about the learning process – and thank you so much for the lovely compliment. Also, you’re spot on about the keepsake; he has a copy already, just waiting to pop it in a frame. Mission accomplished. πŸ™‚

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