Rolling fields

Oh yes, I’m on a roll here. More lino cutting…more experimentation. Stretching myself, and trying to learn fast. I’ve realised that if I’d ever like to sell my work, I have to get over the idea that I’m parting with my babies. Printing seems for me to be one way to do that. Although each print is slightly different, it’s not the same as parting with, say, a watercolour which took a huge amount of personal investment for one original I’ll never see again. Hence the recent print focus.

This one was a challenge. First, in the composition. My reference hare didn’t have any background to speak of, so I had to be creative. I’m not used to such an open brief, and felt like a rabbit in the headlights. In the end I went with what I know – the north Norfolk countryside, where hares are abundant. Even so, getting a set-up which looked ‘natural’ and yet pleasing took a lot of head-scratching.

Hare lino

I also included a higher level of detail this time, seeking an illustrative quality to the print, and trying to work out what my cutters could achieve. I really like the way the ploughed field has worked out, with its wiggly lines.

Getting the printing ink solid and black still continues to evade me. I think it must be due to a lack of pressure, or not enough ink, as I’m hand-printing this with a wooden spoon. Maybe, when the weather warms up and it’s possible to using the etching press in the shed without getting hypothermia, I might solve this issue. Until then, the trusty spoon will become shinier by the day with all the rubbing on the back of my prints.



22 thoughts on “Rolling fields

      • Dear Raye, I would be both delighted and honoured for you to have a print of mine! There is one condition though – I have to get some better (nicer) paper, which means I won’t be able to get printing again until after Christmas. I hope that’s ok? We can PM about the details… Exciting! Thank you. 🙂

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      • Rebecca, No worries!! I will wait…as long as it takes. I’ll be coming over in September if that gives you enough time? Yes, we can work out the details after the hols…Happy Christmas to you and yours. (My EM-address can be found on my website.) Oh…..excitement!! Thank you. Raye


      • OK…it’s been a year and now we are working against another Christmas season. What happened to 2018. No answer needed. Rebecca…seriously now…I’d still like to purchase a print of that hare in the fields. OK…can I wait [again] until after Christmas (this Christmas 2018 not to be confused with Christmas 2017)? Maybe. Let me know how you are doing….I see you are just as silent as I am. So email me please if this is a [future] possibility….hare in field lino…or not. I’ll have to be satisfied knowing your particular hare is not to be had by me….actually a friend. Well! Maybe I’d purchase two…one for friend and one for me. YES!!!! PS Happy Christmas

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      • Right Rae! Hello again!!!! Thank you so much for your patience. The good news is that I’ve improved my printing technique, and I’m now able to produce much better lino prints. So I can have another go at the hare. 🙂 It is definitely a possibility. I will be in touch! And Happy Christmas to you too. x

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