Night flight

Here’s my second experiment with lino cutting. I definitely have some issues –  I’m not achieving the solid blacks I crave, so I’m going to see if a traditional printing ink will solve this (I used a water-soluble ink here).  If that doesn’t work, perhaps my wooden-spoon hand-pressing is just not up to the job. I’m very fortunate to have access to a venerable etching press, but need to get it set up to take lino blocks. A note to self: take more care not to get little bits of fluff, scrap lino, etc, onto the roller when inking, and to ensure the ink is evenly rolled on the lino. There’s so much to learn!

On the cutting side, I think the picture would benefit from more variation of line, so I’ll bear that in mind with the next one. I’ve sharpened my lovely hand-me-down tools in readiness.

Swans night lino cut

18 thoughts on “Night flight

  1. The greyness makes a kind of magic…I like it.
    I use a roller for pressing the print as well as inking. Although a really dense black still seems hard to achieve. I could use a printing class, myself (and time to take it) (K)

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