All abuzz

So… I had some lino lying around from a one-cut adventure about 5 years ago. Given the printing splurge I’m on, it seemed like a good idea to revisit and see if the bug would bite this time.

As occasionally happens, I woke with the image pretty fully-formed in my mind, so getting it onto the lino was actually quite straightforward – just drawn straight onto the surface, trying to bear in mind that it would print in reverse. The hexagons were more of a difficulty than I’d expected – the solution was to make a template, draw round it and move it to the next position. No need to get too fussy about straight edges and angles on this one.

Removing areas to yield white instead of dark is a bit of a head-wrecker at first, it goes rather against the drawing grain. Subtraction instead of addition. I got round this by colouring my pencil lines in with Sharpie and reminding myself not to cut where the lines were black. It worked, to my relief (gotta love a printing pun!).

Honeycomb lino cut

I inked up a roller with some washable ink, and did a test print. It was a useful exercise as I could see a few areas which needed to be further cut away. This done, more inking, a vigorous rub on the back of the paper with a wooden spoon, and voilà! One lino print, a bit crunchy round the edges, but to me it’s got a certain something I find hard to put my finger on. I’m going to try again, and it will definitely challenge my underdeveloped designer muscles…hmmm. Food for thought.

22 thoughts on “All abuzz

  1. How did you find it after all the mono printing? I think it’s telling you mention your designer muscles in reference to the lino cutting. That may be one of the reasons I feel I don’t get on with it myself, but love other people’s (this one included). Too much has to be decided in advance!

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  2. This is awesome! I too tried this once, a good few years ago; it didn’t come out like this! I like the balance of variation and synergy inside the hexagons – satisfying in itself, very linocut and very graphic. Of course, the handsome bee just seals the deal!

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    • Thanks! Interesting comment – I’ve only tried water-based so far, and am not finding that the blacks are sufficiently dense. Maybe it’s the ink? I have some ‘traditional’ printer’s ink on order; I’ll let you know how I get on! Fingers crossed… 🙂

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