Getting acquainted

I’ve been on a monotype printing spree, equipped with my trusty (lumpy) roller, glass chopping board and copier paper. Here’s a few autumnal botanical sketches gleaned from around the garden (and basil from the kitchen)

It was a very good learning exercise. These pictures are much more controlled than my first experiments. A different vibe. And for every print which was reasonably successful, there was at least one other which wasn’t. However, since they are very quick to produce, being basically just line drawings, this was not a show-stopper.

I learned that it’s easy to put too much ink onto the glass, and that sometimes the first print comes out way too dark as a result. You can achieve quite fine shading using a sharp pencil (see the fungi, my favourite of these), and a fingertip is good for putting in shadows. Also, considering white space and trying to achieve a good dynamic range of tones are extremely important (when not?). Plus, thinking backwards about composition is a necessity; since I was drawing from life I couldn’t simply flip an image first to see what it might look like reversed.

This was very engaging – there will be more! πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Getting acquainted

    • The technique on these ones is a bit different to the decalcomania. For these, you roll out the ink thinly onto the glass plate, then lay the paper on and draw on the paper, then peel off to reveal inky lines. You never know what you might end up with… πŸ™‚

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