Red Lights

My husband suggested a sketching trip to the local railway station. Why not? It’s a little rural station still with a few of its Edwardian features amidst the slightly less antiquated railway paraphernalia. We found our pitches, mine selected for its view of the converging lines of perspective and the overhead cables.

Uncharacteristically, I sketched this one out in pencil first, A5 size. I was rather worried about making a mess of the perspective and the eraser came in very handy. Once I’d got the basics in I firmed up the lines in fineliner, and added the shading using my trusty Tombow and water brush.

Downham Station tombow

Taking a leaf out of Hugo Costa‘s sketchbook, I added a couple of hints of colour (and the lamp-posts really were red) to enliven the picture a little – rather a departure for me, and I enjoyed what felt like the riskiness of the addition. It’s not the tidiest sketch I’ve ever made, but an interesting composition.


7 thoughts on “Red Lights

    • Really glad you think so – thank you. I do quite like an industrial subject, although they’re not so easy to find where I live. And no, my husband doesn’t blog (or let me blog) his sketches. He’s rather shy about them as he’s only been drawing for a couple of years; but he’s made huge strides and has done some rather good pictures on the way. Maybe he’ll eventually feel confident enough to let me show them… πŸ™‚

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