Small is…beautiful?

While staying with some friends I found myself with a few minutes to spare for a quick sketch.  My funsize (3.3in) sketchbook came in handy to draw this equally dinky netsuke sumo wrestler. Not necessarily beautiful, but he has attitude aplenty.

Funsize sumo tombow

I used a fineliner for the drawing, then added the contrast with a black Tombow watercolour pen. I really enjoy how the ink separates into blues and reds when water is added, and the crunchy edges which ensue. The Tombow with water behaves so much better on this Pink Pig sketchbook paper than in my newer super-smooth W&N sketchbook. The trouble of course with working this small is that every mark seems to count double, and mistakes even more so! But it’s good practice trying to get it right first time in the ink, and I don’t mind (in fact I quite like) the scratchy pen marks round the edges as I felt for the shape.

4 thoughts on “Small is…beautiful?

  1. This sketch has it all- solidity, movement and charm :). I loved watching Sumo when channel 4 had it on in the 90s. My college friends bought me a book for my birthday as a surprise. I hadn’t realised I had talked about it so much! My favourite was Terao ( I may have spelt that wrong)

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