Our 14 year old son is a beekeeper, as of last autumn; an ambition he held for at least two years before it became reality. Amazingly, he was fortunate enough to win the beekeeper’s association raffle, which offered him a 10-week beekeeping course. He signed up to it, but was too young to attend on his own, so it fell to me to accompany him. I did not intend to take the course, but the organisers kindly agreed to let me sit at the back.

On the first evening I took my sketching materials, just a brush pen and book, and tried some very rough-and-ready images of the attendees. This is, sort of,  what beekeepers look like round our way. (Apart from the very large bee which has squeezed in at the bottom.)

Beekeeper heads ink

Sadly, there were no more sketches at subsequent meetings as I got gradually sucked in and ended up being a full participant… I’m sure that was their intention all along!


9 thoughts on “Beekeepers

  1. How brilliant! I’ve always had a vague ambition to keep some bees; it seems like a lovely thing to do. Really nice sketches, too – particularly charmed by the chap in bottom-left, he looks really intrigued by something!

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