Blue Sky Inking

Finding nice birthday cards can be tricky, especially for the chaps. So I decided I’d make one myself for the cycling fanatic in my life.

First I drew out the image in pencil, and overlaid a watercolour background, clouds lifted out with a natural sponge, and some extra contours added with darker blue onto the damp paper. The sunset colours gave me some concerns as I was afraid I’d get muddy tones or greens, but in the end it was pretty well behaved.

Once the paper was dry, it was on with the ink using a fine brush. The spokes and wires were added at the very end with a fineliner – I didn’t trust my hand with the brush on such slender lines.

Bike card watercolour

And because my chap is a stickler for detail, every item had to be accurately positioned and ‘believable’. I think I just about got away with it…


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