Twisted Painter

At the weekend my husband and I walked down to the local river to sketch. He, beingย  interested in perspective, drew a narrow boat. However, I found it unexpectedly difficult to settle on a scene, and after much dithering decided to go with a far smaller subject.

Rope watercolour

I plonked myself down next to a motor boat, attracted by the matte sheen on the metal thing-whose-name-I-don’t-know (not being a boaty type), and by the way the rather manky, green-stained rope looped and twisted around it. I’d brought watercolours, and I meant to use them. The metal part seemed to be fairly straight-forward, but I suspected (rightly) that the rope would be a bit of a challenge.

Interestingly, the cord colours were largely taken from the leftovers in the lid of my paintbox, a suitably dingy selection of greens, browns and greys. It sort of worked in the end, after much faffing, fiddling and darkening. All in all I think it was a fair effort at suggesting the rope’s texture without it all becoming extremely ‘tight’ in the details. In retrospect I wonder whether I should have suggested the plastic hull of the boat, but at the time I was too focused on the rope to worry about the background. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter now.


10 thoughts on “Twisted Painter

    • Oh, that’s interesting! I am drawn to this kind of object, I must admit. I’m working through a bit of a picture backlog on the blog at the moment, but who knows what will emerge…? ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Me too, I’m way ahead of myself, but the gap between doing and posting does leave some interesting reflection time. It’s always interesting to see what people choose to draw when presented with the same scene. I’m impressed my daughter can find the details in what I see as a mass of greenery! I’m beginning to think that has something to do with my waning eyesight though!

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      • You are definitely right about the benefits of reflection time. And also about the way different people see things, which is fascinating (I don’t think it’s all to do with the glasses!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. I actually really like it without the background. The composition is very pleasing to the eye. I forget the name of those metal things, and that’s shameful, as i spent a bit of time on boats as a kid, and my own father has designed and built yachts….my memory is terrible O.o

    Anyhoo, just dropping in for the last time for a while. I’m ‘freezing” my blog ( as opposed to deleting it entirely) by setting it to ‘private’ for some time. That way i can thaw it out later if i want to, but also means i will be easily able to find everyone again. Thanks heaps for all your support and encouragement in he time that i’ve been here on wordpress; it’;s much appreciated. Wishing you lots of inspiration and creative energy! x

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