Late bloomer

I’ve not been doing so much watercolour over the winter, but there is something about Spring subjects which just cries out for it. When my husband chose this apple blossom twig from the garden to sketch it was, quite frankly, irresistible to me too.

Apple blossom watercolour

I always find flowers difficult, and this was no exception, but I did really enjoy having a go. The complex shadows of the glass from the two windows were attractive, but not so easy to execute… must get the watercolours out more often, I could use the practice!

17 thoughts on “Late bloomer

  1. I think this is a rather exceptional and while maybe not to your liking – still very impressive! I know for certain I wouldn’t of been able to capture half the contrasts and colours right but I feel you have the real hang of that here! I feel the only area that needs some work was the shadows below the glass on the table.. The rest is really lovely! Keep at it! πŸ™‚

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