Some sketches seem to be a breeze, others not so much. This was one of the latter, of my dear friend Suz, who is much prettier in real life than I’ve made her out to be here! Sketching living, breathing, moving people in watercolour is something I always find difficult, and this was no exception. (And the glass of wine I was drinking probably didn’t help.) But I did enjoy the process of trying.

Suz sunlounger watercolour

Now, moving swiftly on…


8 thoughts on “Studying

  1. well the good thing is that we bloggy people don’t actually know what your friend looks like IRL 😉
    I find it really difficult to draw/ paint people in front of me in real time, too. I’m quite slow, so i need a subject that’s not moving around! You seem to have done a good job, though- everything’s in proportion, and it’s all complete; no half arms or unfinished faces etc. More than i can say for myself when i attempt such things!

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