Exercise Bee

Just a scant few minutes for painting today, so I thought I’d try out something I’d seen on Kate Osborne’s lovely blog. This is shameless imitation, for the sake of knowledge…but I like what I’ve learned! Kate’s video really was inspiring, I’d encourage anyone interested in watercolours to take a look at her site.


No underdrawing necessary here – it was straight on with the paint. New to me today was using a fan brush to pull the puddled paint outwards, which gives a really pleasing furry effect when you get it right. Today it worked best on the right hand bee, although I was too heavy-handed using it on the left hand bee, and forgot to use it at all on the centre chap.

I was also trying out some new QoR paints (a delicious present) and since I have fewer colours than in my normal palette (W&N) I was encouraged to do my colour mixing with pretty much just 4 colours – Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna and Indian Yellow plus a tiny amount of Pyrrole Red. Sloppy splashing on the paper made a bit of spattering a necessity, but what joy!


34 thoughts on “Exercise Bee

  1. Wow beautiful job Rebecca! I never used the fan brush and hardly painted directly with paint 🎨 I mean skipped pencil drawing stage. This is very inspiring friend 👍🏼

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  2. Ooh! I love bees; they’re so cute ❤ . And this painting is gorgeous! Nice work. Makes me want to get painting….and now i know what a fan brush is good for! That's one thing i never took much notice of- what different brushes do. It's silly, really, because clearly, different brushes cause different effects, and whatever brush is being used at the time will have a profound influence on the finished image.

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  3. Oh, bee-have!

    I had to say it. 🙂

    Nice work. I could get fussy about placement of color, stripes, etc. But, I know this would bee a huge challenge for myself. The only difference I can see between the middle bee and the others is that fine line of trim that seems to divide/layer the fur. Otherwise, the canvas is all a-buzz with splashes of color, warming up to spring. Try adding some of these bees to a sprawling landscape of broad white daisies, sunflowers, etc.

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    • Thanks for your lovely comments and suggestions. You’re right, the temptation is to knuckle down to detail, it’s so hard to resist! I really like your idea of adding a landscape, might well have to try that… 🙂


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