Gorgeous Hunk

…of marble, that is. Buff, and buffed to perfection.

On our big sketching day, the second port of call was the Victoria & Albert Museum. It’s probably my favourite in London, hosting the most amazing examples of the world’s art and design achievements, from the time man first set his hand to create something beautiful.

We were arrested by the sculpture galleries, where Michaelangelo’s imposing David takes centre stage. There was simply no question about what to draw first.


First I drew the main shapes in fineliner, then added the contours with Tombow and waterpen. I find it pleasing how the paint has separated to give blueish and reddish tones to the shades.

As you see, I made life difficult for myself with the positioning of David on the paper – he could have done with being either a little lower, or smaller and higher. It would seem an undeserved indignity to have given him only half of what he was due in the nether regions, so I opted for complete omission instead. A handy cop-out.

The afternoon light was excellent in this gallery, and provided lots of good shadows and highlights. This, combined with the museum stools fortunately to hand, made it a real pleasure to sketch here.



26 thoughts on “Gorgeous Hunk

    • Might be worth double-checking on the ‘paint’ part, as another artist I spoke to thought wet paint was banned; however, the watercolor pens I used drew no attention, so I’m guessing that’s ok. I’ve also seen people using pastels etc, which also appeared acceptable. Hopefully there’s something non-runny you could use? I’d definitely recommend the V&A to anyone interested in sketching. Go for it! 🙂

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  1. This is beautifully executed, Rebecca. As we discovered in response to your previous post, I was in that same gallery at the same time with my daughter, also drawing. I didn’t even see David. We were caught by Rodin’s Muse.

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    • Ah! What a shame we didn’t have a chance meeting. And weirdly, we didn’t see the Muse – just ran out of time – I’m not surprised you were captivated though. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

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    • It’s the same museum as the lady’s head was at – they have all manner of (stolen) sculpture from around the world. Plus the best of wrought iron, furniture, clothing, jewellery, clocks… you name it. Days of Empire, eh? 😉


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