No squidding

As a birthday treat for me, my husband and I had a day out in Norwich. We were originally intending to visit the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, which has some really interesting collections and is very conducive to sketching, but as it happened the Queen was visiting that day, so it was closed to us. Boo.

So plan B was to visit Norwich Castle Museum, look at the extensive collection of Cotman watercolours and Norwich School artists in their galleries, and then do a bit of sketching. It was a good plan. We were both captivated by the exquisite glass sea-creatures on display in one of the cabinets; anemones, octopus, sea slugs, jellyfish, all translucent and incredibly delicate. My sketch doesn’t do this octopus justice, and I took some significant liberties with colour too, trying to make the most of the Inktense pencils (still learning).


If only this had been a squid, then I could have made lots of puns about ink, and how many squid it cost to enter the museum, and so on. Only it’s an octopus, and I can’t think of any good art-related puns today for that. But feel free to post yours below…

15 thoughts on “No squidding

    • Thanks Shawn! I’m glad you liked this picture. The octopus drawing actually uses a type of coloured ink pencil, which is water-soluble. When you brush over the drawn lines with water the intensity of colour changes and really beefs up. You can buy Inktense pencils individually, if you fancied trying them…they’re good fun! 🙂


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