Try again

Well, I’m still brewing a portrait of my friend Amy, but I wasn’t sure about the pose from my last sketch (amongst other things) which made her seem rather haughty (which she certainly is not). Fortunately, I do have another photo taken at the same time, from another angle. So today’s exercise was to have a look at the general shapes, dimensions and shades in that particular reference, and see how that might work.


Using a refillable brush-pen for this kind of sketching gives a very immediate, satisfying sketch. It’s prone to giving a deeper mark where you don’t want one though, and over the last few face sketches I’ve done I’ve counteracted this by using a white gel marker to add back some light. The effect is interesting, and I quite like it.

I think I prefer this view as a potential portrait,  to my mind it definitely conveys more of the sitter’s true personality and vivacity; maybe let the idea stew a little more…it doesn’t do to rush these things (or so I tell myself). A painting will come eventually!



10 thoughts on “Try again

  1. Ooh, lovely! Gosh i love black ink. And brush pens. Love the lines; love the use of the white gel marker and the texture it adds; love the expression.
    I’m always really glad to see your drawings and paintings, as it inspires me to get my arsicle into gear and get something arty done myself.
    Very noice woik!

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