Autumn Undressed

It’s been slim pickings for art time lately; I’ve been busy, my head hasn’t been ‘in the right place,’ and I’ve lacked the motivation to just get on with it in the little slivers of time which are available. Yes, feeble excuses. These spates come and go, so I’m trying not to feel too disconcerted. It will pass.

I did at least manage a little funsize sketch while waiting to pick up my son from his volunteering session at the local Cat’s Protection League (love that name – makes me think of superheroes). The colours were glorious, a shower of copper on the ground, with a few remnants hanging in the bushes; autumn undressed.


3×3 inch, fineliner and Tombows


27 thoughts on “Autumn Undressed

  1. Not feeble excuses. Life happens. Sometimes a break is necessary in order to recharge the batteries.
    Autumn is my favourite season….those beautiful golds and russet reds ….i still enjoy walking over the dried fallen leaves to hear the delightful crunch underfoot 🙂 Anyway, you’ve got the colours perfect. Makes me wish it was autumn here instead of early summer ( ugh). I hope winter is kind to you!

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  2. Definitely can relate to the time-motivation conundrum! Right now I’ve got a full time day job and a side contract, and it’s hard to squeeze art time in! But we continue on, and have faith we will get back to it. Taking care of our animal bodies (food and sleep and exercise) and our feelings supports us to keep making art for the long haul, in a “marathon not sprint” way… even if it’s hard to remember at the time!

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