Thinking Ink

Recently I had a few minutes to spare, just enough time to squeeze in a couple of very tiny  doodles in ink. Nothing precious,  planned or ‘real,’ but such fun to brush and drop the ink into the water puddles and see the magic unfold as a starting point for a picture. The organic look of the ink travelling across the watercolour paper never fails to please me.

Fantasy landscape ink

One of these sketches, jollied up and tittivated with just a little coloured pencil, became the illustration for a birthday card for my dad. Typically, I forgot to take a photograph…


10 thoughts on “Thinking Ink

    • Thanks Margaret, it’s Indian ink (had to Google sumi ink!), which has that lovely brownish tone to the shades. Really glad you like it. Sounds like you might sometimes play with similar when you’re not watercolouring? 🙂

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  1. Rebecca these are fabulous. I had so much fun with fluid, black charcoal acrylic paint, using it in a very similar way. Drawing with water, then touching it with tip of paint brush. Whoosh! Such fabulous surprises. I wish I could post one here. Come see on instagram? 4laureleaf

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    • Thank you – I didn’t think about using acrylic paint, that’s a good idea! 🙂 I don’t really do Instagram, but I’ll make a point of checking out your site. 🙂


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