Exhibits B & C

On a second sketching session in the National Museum of Scotland I had no trouble finding something to draw. I had lent my white paper sketchbook and pencil to my son, and was left with the black cartridge and white gel pen. That meant I was looking for something with plenty of contrast.

The previous day I’d caught sight of a huge but wistful looking white ceramic lion (yes, sounds unlikely) and I thought he’d be a perfect subject. I’m not sure that the person who modelled this at the Meissen factory in the 1700s had ever seen a lion, because this one was more than reminiscent of a hungry dog. And rather endearing at that.

Meissen lion gel

Hard on the heels of this sketch I went to find the rest of our party which had dispersed, and located a friend in the costume section. As so often where clothes are exhibited the lighting was very low, so I was pleased that I’d chosen to work in the white pen – at least I could see what I’d drawn. I chose an uplit mannequin dressed in a 1990s panelled, bias-cut asymmetric dress, for the way the light hit her costume. Her pose is really rather strange though. Maybe she was supposed to be dancing?

Mannequin gel

Anyway, I had fun with the black paper again, the sketchbook’s filling up!


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