Exhibit A

Whilst on holiday we visited Edinburgh, and since you can’t spend all your time in Fringe comedy shows unless you’re very rich indeed, and because Edinburgh was very rainy, we took refuge in the National Museum of Scotland. What a museum! Housed in a Victorian building with a modern extension, it made a truly grand job of showcasing its treasures and curios – rivalling any museum I’ve seen. If you’re ever in Edinburgh I’d recommend a visit. (And, as with most British museums, entry is free).

Anyway, there was a huge burden of choice for what to sketch, and time being of the essence, I took the first item which caught my eye: this crane incense burner. It stood about 4 foot tall, and being lit from above cast a lovely shadow on the wall. I grabbed one of the folding chairs (yes, imagine our delight!) which the museum had thoughtfully hung at convenient intervals on the wall, and set to. There wasn’t too much passing traffic as it was still quite early, which definitely made sketching easier.

Crane incense tombow

In the end I didn’t manage to convey the absolute elegance and delicacy of the bronze original, but this sketch is enough to remind me of what I saw.

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