…And Relax

After my struggles with the previous sketch portrait we stayed in the garden, chatting and soaking up the last rays of sunshine of the day. I had an urge to draw a recently vacated deck chair, the evening light glancing off its wooden shanks and through its stripy cloth.

The gel pen seemed perfect for the job, and this is the result. I was going to include a little plate with its fork and vestiges of cake, which had been sitting on the grass next to the chair. However, by the time I got round to it, someone had already (kindly) whisked it away. Must sketch faster!

Deck chair gel.JPG

I have to admit, I’m really enjoying the way the gel pen performs on this black cartridge paper. I don’t think I can make it work for every subject, but there are some which just seem to sing out from the black. It’s such an interesting switch to be working with highlights as the driver, rather than adding in the darks as graphite requires. This must be good for the brain!

10 thoughts on “…And Relax

  1. I’m always surprised when working light-on-dark at just how much depth comes through, as here. I’m loving these – looks like you’ve found a sweet combo in the pen and paper!

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  2. Again this is brilliant and for some reason just so much more interesting than if it had been black ink on white paper. Do you think it’s just because we see less this way around or is there something else about it?

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    • Aw thanks – and that’s a really good question, Nicola…I wonder if it’s to do with our minds filling in the blanks where the darks are, when we’re used to having it mostly spelled out for us when we see ink on white paper? Or maybe it is just playing against what we’re accustomed to? I don’t know, but I’m glad you like it! 🙂

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