Two for One

Here’s something rather odd (for me). After looking at some op art and futurism, (thanks to the kind suggestion of a friend) I had an idea for combining two pictures into one, giving an opportunity to show two contrasting scenes. I admit I had some difficulty in deciding what these scenes should be, but I used this rough sketchbook to try a couple out, using Tombows for colour.

Two pictures combo tombow

I really enjoyed setting my mind free to explore this picture, with no pressure to succeed.

If I was to turn this into a ‘proper’painting I’d improve the symmetry of the curves to achieve more of a cathedral effect, I would probably choose a less grassy plant for the natural scene, to give denser leaf colour and broader shapes and contrast more with the grid, and I would definitely think more about the cityscape (I was tired at this point) and introduce more varied silhouettes. But, I think there’s a germ of an idea her and I’ll get back to it at some point – just leaving the ideas to mature for a while.


14 thoughts on “Two for One

  1. It’s really interesting and I like the increase in size of the squares as you go up the page. I think I did something similar to this for GCSE art a looong time ago with two different portraits. I took the easy way though and painted them straight then cut and pieced them together πŸ™‚

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