Looking Up

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be out for a mini art-athon in London with a friend. We met early at King’s Cross, and made our way over to St Paul’s. After suitable fortifications (almond croissant) and a quick catch-up we settled ourselves at the foot of a fountain in St Paul’s Cathedral gardens, and chose a view. No time to waste! My friend sketched one of the statues ornamenting the parapet, while I went for the famous dome, with some fearsome perspective from ground level. That Christopher Wren knew a thing or two about impressive buildings, and wasn’t afraid of a bit of gratuitous ornamentation.

I’d brought my Conte pastels with me, so decided to get them into play early in the day, in case I ran out of steam later. The sketching session was made even nicer by the drifting sounds of a brass group rehearsing somewhere nearby. I now think that atmospheric live music should be provided for all sketchers who would like it!

St Paul's pastel

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