Back to Boughton

This weekend I was able to get back to the sleepy village where we’d sketched the week before, but this time I took my parents sketching. The weather was good enough to sketch under the tree I drew last time, which kept off the intermittent drizzle.

I had the advantage of knowing the site, and so I’d been giving a little thought to how I might approach it, which definitely helped.

The initial step was to try to establish the bounds of the picture – I knew I wanted to get the purple tree in the picture, and also the white house. Putting the outlines in with a quick pencil sketch ensured that everything I wanted to show was in the frame and that the perspective was ok.

Then it was on with the watercolours. I used a mop for the sky, then changed to a flat acrylic brush which saw me through the rest of the sketch, and which was particularly useful for achieving clean lines on the house roof and walls, and the strokes of the reeds.

Boughton pond watercolour

Since there was quite a lot of light on the water I masked the brightest highlights with masking fluid, ditto for the house fence which would otherwise have been pretty impossible to show. I completely edited out the many ducks (as, incidentally did my parents) – I just didn’t know how to tackle them without them making the picture look far too twee. Any suggestions on that?

All in all, I had a very good morning in a tranquil setting with people I love. Can’t be bad!

(Just squeezing this last pic in for the wonderful #WorldWatercolourMonth.)


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