At the Beech

Sketching today in a local village called Boughton. It’s a really pretty spot, with a big duck pond surrounded by yellow irises, which itself is ringed with a few mature trees and picturesque houses. A truly bucolic English scene.

The sun was beating down (yes, it’s finally put in an appearance) and there was a lovely bench in the shade under the spreading copper beech, where my husband had a good view of an extremely attractive cottage to sketch. He’s on roll with drawing buildings at the moment. I decided to brave sitting just in the sun to look slightly up into the tree and capture him working away. It was the interplay of light and shade which attracted me, and I was especially grateful for the white fence running along the house boundary which made the shade behind seem even deeper. I used a fineliner and black Tombow with waterbrush, on what for me is a fairly light (160gsm) paper – I find I can make the pigment glide across this smooth surface easily, and pick it up to use in other areas.

Boughton beech tombow

As I sketched I was visited by a mother mallard with thirteen ducklings trailing behind her – such a sweet sight. The dragonflies and damsel flies were zooming about in the sunshine, and all was peaceful. I’ve a feeling I’ll be back to sketch here again, there’s so much to see, and even a few choice benches positioned just where a sketcher would like them! What more could one wish for?

6 thoughts on “At the Beech

    • Haha, always glad to share wordplay with a fellow pun-lover! Thank you, I’m glad the feeling of light still comes over just using the greyscale. I’m very lucky that my husband’s started sketching, it really makes a difference to know he’s not just waiting for me all the time. 🙂

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