Ripple Effect

I’ve been talking to a friend about abstract art. The concept baffles me rather and doesn’t always sit very comfortably with my ideas of what makes an engaging picture; I can’t escape the hunch that an abstract should still have a ‘point,’ and I would say that I’m more of a ‘literal’ than ‘conceptual’ picture-maker.

However, something must have been triggered in my mind after our discussions, because in a quiet moment, when the rain was bucketing down outside, I had an idea for a picture. The aim was to use watercolour, to make a picture loosely based around drops landing in a puddle.

Blue abstract watercolour

I pencilled in the concentric circles (using a pair of compasses, I hasten to add – my circle drawing isn’t that good!). Next was working out the colour combinations of blues, warms and cools, trying to organise them so that the individual ripples would still be discernible. The red segments were last to be added, and it took me a deep breath to have the courage to put them in – but I’m pleased I did.

If I was to repaint this, I would try to allow the watercolour more freedom – I was definitely trying to control it too closely here. More of a splashy, wet, blurred effect between the colours could be nice.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back to revisit abstraction, but I confess it was an amusing little dalliance while it lasted.



14 thoughts on “Ripple Effect

  1. Totally successful Rebecca – I like the whole idea of literal, because of the starting place. That would be the same for me, I need something solid to form a basis of a design off of. Your painting is interesting, engages and has positive energy.

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  2. What a lovely thing to abstract! Beautifully done, Rebecca – I like the controlled, graphic feel of it. I really like the contrast the red intersections give too – very clever!

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