Plastic Fantastic

Cling film gets a bad rap. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one). I’ve been wanting to experiment with it for quite some time, and have never felt brave enough. However, a friend who recently went on an ‘Experimental Watercolour’ workshop had some great results using it, and I badly wanted a piece of that paint action.

At art galleries the pictures I’m most drawn to are the night scenes, and for a while I’ve been considering trying to create my own. In the spirit of experimentation, I thought I’d have a go, and work in the cling film magic too.

I started by sketching out a scene on stretched paper, and drew in an opportunity to create a rocky foreground. Before reaching for the paint, I masked out the moon, some stars, a few lights on the coastline and a little of the moon’s reflected light on the water.

Throughout the picture I restricted the colours, using Payne’s Grey, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and Cobalt Blue.Β  Having wet the paper in the foreground I slapped on my four colours (broadly speaking two to the left, two to the right for a bit of variation) and laid on the cling film, crumpling it to get what I hoped would be the look of a rocky cliff. Impatient as ever, I was helped by the sunshine outside and didn’t have to wait too long to peel off. Wow! I was so pleased to see the results (and still am).

Night scene clinfilm watercolour

I swept in a mix of Payne’s Grey and Burnt Umber for the main landmass, and Payne’s Grey only for the water. The sky gave me the most trouble, and was a mix of Payne’s Grey and Cobalt. I tried to add some drifts of cloud with salt, but the effect wasn’t right, so I ended up trying to remove the salt, repaint, and then lift off a little cloud with a sponge – same for the halo round the moon. Mixed success there.

When all was dry again, I removed the masking fluid, and added in a little hint of yellow on the lights, just to prevent them from being too stark a contrast.

It’s true to say that I had a real blast today. I will definitely be using cling film again!



29 thoughts on “Plastic Fantastic

    • Your comment means a lot Jacob – thank you so much. The cling film is amazing, I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before now. I’m trying to increase my confidence in creating from imagination rather than painting exactly what’s there, so this one is a bit of a big deal for me! πŸ™‚

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      • I’m always up for magic! I googled clingwrap painting, and some of the results out there are spectacular. Definitely inspired. I reckon there might be a clingwrap painting day on the horizon for me and my daughter πŸ™‚ Thank you for the inspiration! There is definitely a magical feel to the moonlit scene you’ve created here.

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