Boal Quay

This is the second little watercolour which I’ve made of Boal Quay in King’s Lynn. The first was made from further along, nearer to the centre of town, whereas today we were on the outskirts looking in.

It was a tricky scene, with quite a lot going on. Painting boats makes my toes curl, and there was a lot of other architectural stuff to include too. One interesting problem was that the sky was very changeable, and so the light on the water kept varying from very dull, muddy and flat to blue and reflective. I used my masquepen for the details of the boat’s masts and fishing net hoists, the wind turbine at the back, and a few touches on the buildings. I was very glad that I’d brought the masking fluid with me as I ‘m sure I’d have struggled to retain the whites otherwise.

Boal quay watercolour 2

Anyway, I quite like this sketch, as I think I learned a lot. Above all, I feel a sense of achievement that I managed not to use my fineliner which is normally my crutch for adding crispness to sketches – I dug out a long-dormant rigger and used that instead (funnily enough, for the rigging, etc. Who’d have thought it?).


21 thoughts on “Boal Quay

  1. Lovely. Gosh, you must live in a picturesque area!
    Can I ask- and sorry if this is a stupid question, but… what is a ‘rigger’??? Possibly something obvious that I know by another name, but have to ask!

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    • We are really lucky to live in the countryside, but still fairly close to a couple of rather nice historic towns so, happily, I’m spoiled for choice for painting.
      Not a stupid question at all – a rigger is a really, really tiny paintbrush, barely more than a few hairs; so named (I believe) because it was used for painting the very thin lines of rigging on nautical pictures. 🙂

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      • Ah! Cheers for informing me. Well, that makes sense. I never knew tiny paintbrushes had a specific name. I just called them “skinny ones”….not that i ever really painted much. Good to know these things!
        Ooh, sounds nice. I used to live in the countryside. I miss it dearly. Someday i’ll get back! Enjoy your lovely surrounds 🙂

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