Foiled Again!

Chocolate; it’s one of my favourite things. I thought this (partially eaten) bar in bright silver foil and dark card would be a good subject for an ink drawing with my brushpen. Working in ‘binary’ is very interesting and throws up all sorts of problems with how to depict contours when you don’t have the opportunity to put in mid-tones. It’s a little like making a print.

Because I rather overdid the darks in some areas, I felt the whole picture was in danger of becoming flat, and the foil becoming confused with the chocolate. Tombows to the rescue! I quite like the feeling of restricted colour which has resulted.

Chocolate ink

So, although I’m very late to the Doodlwash Dinner, and didn’t have time to prepare a dish, I did have a rummage around in my handbag and found this… a piece of chocolate, anyone?


14 thoughts on “Foiled Again!

  1. Wonderful. I’m very much enjoying the foil – the brush pen works so well for its finish, I can feel it and hear that satisfying rustle as I politely take just one piece… and another… 😉 Very tempting indeed!

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