Silver and Gold

The boys in my life wanted to go mountain biking; I didn’t. So I went with them to Shouldham Woods and made a picture instead. I had 45 minutes in which to find a location and actually do the painting. The time limit meant that I didn’t take as much care as I might have liked when finding a spot, but nevertheless I liked this view because it offered a pretty picture of a variety of trees, with some beautiful newly-golden-leaved silver birches in the distance. In this case I opted to use some masking fluid to preserve the white trunks; the time it took to dry was time well spent, as I quite like the unevenness of line this has produced. There was a lot of variation in greens, and I made a conscious effort to mix greens rather than use what I had in my paintbox, which I think has probably given a better result. As always, achieving the depth of colour for the Scots pine and the shaded areas took several goes as I’m never brave enough first off.

Shouldham hedgerow watercolour

I wasn’t very happy with this picture when I’d first completed it, but a few weeks on I feel rather differently about it and am now quite pleased to have it in my sketchbook.


27 thoughts on “Silver and Gold

  1. I know how it is to do that….not liking a painting but later liking it. I think that I am too impatient to wait for mask to dry while painting en plein air….in the studio it is a different story. πŸ™‚ This will be fun to get to know you.

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  2. What a relaxing scene. Beautifully painted Rebecca. I’m glad you posted this work and have a new positive attitude if your art. I do the same, a few days away from created art can change how you see it.

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    • Sharon, you are very wise! (but then I knew that already). I think the thing is that as creators we can always see what didn’t go to plan. Reassuringly, I always feel positive about making pictures; it’s a learning process, right? And without doubt, we have to make our mistakes to improve. Onwards and upwards! πŸ™‚

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    • You must try the fluid Charlie, it gives such a different feel to adding white paint for highlights, especially as there’s some interesting randomness to how it goes on (at least when I do it using my masquepen). I’m really happy you enjoyed the picture – thank you for the lovely comment! πŸ™‚

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  3. Love a good birch or three! Wonderfully serene and uplifting again, Rebecca – I’m with Charlie in that happy place. Happy too, that you changed your mind on this one – I often find that my confidence in work changes; usually overnight there’s a jump. Thinking about it, it may be why I work so late much of the time!

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    • Ah, thank you very much! I think it all depends on what you had in your mind’s eye to start with, before the paint even touches the paper. Sometimes, when that vision is replaced by the actual painting, if the two differ it can take a bit of time to appreciate the success of what you’ve actually done. πŸ™‚


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