To Hand

This is a simple little funsize fineliner sketch, made on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, while waiting while my son played in his brass group. Uninspired by what was around me, I opted for the closest of subjects, that which was literally to hand. Looking back on this sketch, I really like the broken, wiggly line over the knuckle, and the darks under the fingernails and in the palm.

Funsize Hand

I suspect this will be the last of the Saturday sketches (although there are a few other I haven’t posted yet) because I’ve been invited to play in the brass group too, as they’ve just lost their second trumpet. My ‘dead’ time will be filled in future with a lot of puffing and blowing, instead of scribbling. However, my funsize sketchbook will continue to travel with me, because you never know…

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