Three Pots

Before I did the recent horse sketches, I had been looking at many sketches made in brush pen, using Indian Ink, and I thought I’d like to have a go. I filled a brushpen with some W&N black, and searched around for a test subject or two.

First for the treatment was a pen pot, done superfast in my drawing pad which has quite a decent weight of smooth paper. The strange thing on the right which looks a bit like a small hockey stick is… a small hockey stick. I don’t know why.

Penpot brushpen

I rather enjoyed the way the ink went on, but was struggling to achieve any variation in stroke at this point. But the drawing seems to me to actually have quite a lot of character in its imperfections.

Next up for the treatment were unmatched salt and pepper pots. I thought I might have some fun with the transparency of the salt grinder, and the wood grain of the pepper mill.

This was also a very rapid sketch on the same drawing paper, and I started to get the feel for the brush pen. On the downside, I think I could have probably achieved a similar result with a felt-tip. I also think I got a bit fiddly with the details. With this in mind, next time I will try to do more to explore and exploit the variation in line thickness which the brush pen offers, and to further simplify the lights and darks.

Cruet brushpen




20 thoughts on “Three Pots

  1. Hours and hours spent with a Chinese calligraphy brush have taught me it’s got a spirit of its own and, like nature, in order to be commanded, it must be obeyed. Variation of line thickness comes with practice, when the dance of the brush is danced intuitively, without hesitation. I like these very much, Rebecca.

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