It’s been a week where death has been more evident within my horizons than usual. Three days ago a lifelong friend tragically lost his wife (at just 43) to aggressive cancer, and the following day our fit and active neighbour sadly passed away following a routine operation. Yesterday one of my chickens disappeared, we think to sustain the family of six fox cubs living in the next field. And today I returned from my morning run to find a freshly dead rabbit on the doorstep, courtesy of the cat.

Although the impact of some of these deaths will be felt more strongly than others, it all reminds one of how risky the business of living is.

By sketching the rabbit in fineliner and watercolour I hoped to bring a small positive from one of these sad stories.

Dead rabbit watercolour

Life can be terribly brief, and uncertain. So make a sketch, whittle a stick, write a poem, or compose a piece; know you’re leaving something of your spirit which will endure when you are gone.





32 thoughts on “Gone.

  1. Great job, Rebecca. It reminded me of those paintings that Ferdinand Hodler made of his lover when she was about to die (or already dead, I can’t remember). I also thought of that sketch of Keats on his deathbed… I’d put your sketch at that level, no doubt.

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    • Ignacio, I did not know Ferdinand Hodler’s art or this particular picture. I’ve Googled the sketch, and find it both very tragic and quite beautiful. I am also drawn to his landscapes, they are stunning. Thank you so much for introducing me! (and you’re so kind about my picture – thank you again). 🙂


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