The Dome

Not too long ago my son and I had a day out in London together. I had packed a few Tombows, my fineliner and my funsize sketchbook, but to be honest I didn’t think I’d really have a chance for any sketching as our schedule was quite packed.

However, after we’d spent time at the Science Museum (the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition was on), and also looked at the oriental swords in the V&A next door, we headed out to Docklands to rendez-vous with my husband who was going to pick us up in the car.

We arrived ahead of schedule at the ‘O2’, which used to be called the Millennium Dome, but now has become a commercial enterprise. As luck would have it, there was a Country music weekend happening – possibly my least favourite genre of all. The place was packed with folks in stetsons and cowboy boots, fringed garments and Daisy Duke shorts. We shuddered, and found a spot in the sunshine outside. The boy plugged in to the iPod, while I whipped out the sketchbook.

The Dome itself really is quite an extraordinary sight. I wouldn’t call it attractive, but it is distinctive. You may recall seeing it in The World is Not Enough, where James Bond slides down its sides. We didn’t do that.

Funsize O2

Anyway, when it came to sketching, there was a lot to look at, from the white plastic dome itself to the many guy-ropes holding it up, and the giant yellow antennae. The geometry was certainly a bit of a challenge, especially working so small. I used a sepia fineliner, a sepia brush tip pen and a selection of Tombows. On this occasion I chose to omit the throngs of Country-lovers. Maybe they’ll feature another time…


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