A Bit Risque

On a visit to Grandma’s house, I spied these creamware creamers. Curvaceous and pretty, I thought they looked a perfect pair. But you can imagine the sniggering (not least from Grandma) when I said I’d like to draw Grandma’s little jugs.

A ‘funsize’ sketch (3x3ins), naturally, done in sepia fineliner and brown tombow watercolour marker. So here they are, and I’m rather pleased with them; I think Grandma liked them too.

Funsize jugs ink & tombow


14 thoughts on “A Bit Risque

  1. Great job on the lighting and smooth finish; it really brings out their charming curves. A cracking pair of jugs, Rebecca! No sniggering here, honest (by which I mean: thanks for making me snigger!)

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    • Thank you very much Mary – I’m really enjoying using the watercolour markers to add shade and shape. I find that I treat them slightly differently than if I was using traditional watercolour. Somehow it seems to force more simplicity, which I think is a good thing. πŸ™‚

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  2. I really like them, very pretty!
    … recently I borrowed some nice tea cups from my mother … “do you want to sell them?” she asked:-) I’m not sure she believed when I answered I wanted to paint them:-]]]

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