Snowy Glimpse

Sant Privat watercolour

While staying near Girona, we went for a long walk up in the foothills of the Pyrenees (from Sant Privat d’En Bas), attracted by the lure of seeing the Shrine to the Mother of God of Small Saucepans. Well honestly, who could resist? It was a long slog, relentlessly upwards, through the tree line before we reached the shrine, which if I’m frank had disappointingly few saucepans on display. However, we bore the disappointment bravely, and kept on ascending.

Nearly 3 hours’ upwards climb was rewarded at the summit with a wonderful view of a picturesque refuge with a backdrop of snowy peaks. We stopped for our picnic lunch (much needed) and I managed to grab 15 minutes in between mouthfuls to make this quick watercolour sketch. I’d have liked to better capture the sense of distance between the near refuge and the far peaks and mountains. The distant, snowy caps against the steely sky are by far my favourite part of this picture. It was pretty breezy, so fortunately all the paint dried quickly and we were able to move on…


14 thoughts on “Snowy Glimpse

    • Ah yes Lance, the height’s exactly what I don’t get in my flat part of the world, so I revel in it when I get the chance! I was very lucky everyone I was with was prepared to hang around for me to finish sketching.:)

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