Home from Home

This sketch was made outside in the April sunshine, as I tried to capture the scene from above our holiday rental cottage, taking in the wonderfully wide vista of mountains and woods.

The usual problems associated with working outdoors came into play; the breeze dried my paint faster than I was expecting (but only in some places!), the sun came in and out, the shadows changed, and I accidentally sat on a prickly plant. Beetles swam in my water. I belatedly and regretfully realised I’d neglected painting in watercolours while I’ve been playing with Tombows and suchlike. Ah well. Nose back to the grindstone!

Mas Bernard watercolour

Regardless of the technical issues with this picture, I’m very pleased to have captured a record of where we stayed; I know that in years to come this will conjure up some very happy memories.


22 thoughts on “Home from Home

  1. Recollection is the bonus of casual drawing/painting wherever you happen to be…I find that it is even better than a photograph to recall what it was like to be there; maybe because it’s a deeper kind of looking and seeing than is required with the mediation of a camera.

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  2. Beautiful painting Rebecca and a lovely reminder of your trip. I’m sure that you’ll get far more enjoyment from it than you would from a photograph in years to come. I hope you’ll be framing it and displaying it for all to see!

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