One of my oldest friends, who now lives in the US, sent me a wonderful hat for my birthday. A ‘Harf’ should be its name really, since it’s a clever design which converts to a scarf when you open out the gathering drawstring. We decided ‘Scat’ wasn’t a good moniker, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, my Harf is made from upcycled wool, which my friend carefully unravels from unloved sweaters bought at thrift stores and transforms into new, gorgeous knitted goods. I love the ethos behind this, the fact that she made it for me, and that it’s so cute too.

Since receiving the gift, I’ve been thinking about what to do for her in return. My friend loves tea (well, she’s English). When we visited her in Washington DC a couple of years ago, the condition was that we bring as many Waitrose teabags as we could conceivably stuff in our case. Therefore, my plan is to send her a home comfort package of teabags, with a thank-you note.

To this end I brewed up this little picture from my imagination, executed in blue-black calligraphy ink with a brush. If I was to change one thing it would be to improve the steam, but there you go.

Teacup Anna ink

The finished article only measures about 2.5ins square, so it’s ideal for a little card. (I have since rubbed out the pencil guidelines – I always forget to do that before photographing).

I was a bit concerned that the teabags might get impounded and drunk (or worse, binned) by ‘Homelands Security,’ but fortunately I hear that they’ve arrived safe and sound; my faith in the international postal service remains unshaken.

33 thoughts on “Teatime

  1. I drink tea all day long, IΒ΄m probably English at heart… But I drink it with milk and sugar – how do you drink it in England? Anyway – love your little tea cup painting, itΒ΄s a perfect illustration! I bet your friend is happy! 😊


  2. What great handmade gifts in both directions! Your painting is beautiful! I love the edges of the painting against the crispness of the white cup and saucer. Really good stuff with or without milk and sugar!

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    • Thank you Cathe, I’ll readily admit it felt good to be able to reply with something handmade. I’m very glad that you liked the edges and the contrast, because blurring the border was the moment where I felt I might spoil it; but thankfully being bold paid off this time! πŸ™‚


  3. Love the idea of a harf (you were definately wise to choose that option!). Your teacup is amazing and I particularly like how you’ve painted the steam, no need to change a thing in my opinion 😊

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